Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hospital visits and other fun stuff

I know I havent been very attentive lately, I have been sick again.  I wound up in the hospital for a little while last week and now my hubby and I have decided that maybe the best thing is to take some time off work and get my health in order.  I have numerous appointment over the next week and even more numerous appointments in the lab for getting bloodwork done (freaking vampires they all are, I swear).

On another note, my brother called me tonigth wanting to open lines of communication back up.  I am a little confused, I still have a few hurt feelings, but it would be nice to talk to my brother again.  And I guess hurt feelings are meant to be mended.  It was nice, we talked for like an hour and half.  And I am looking forward to getting to know Little K-man  a little better, since all I know are pictures right now.  And Little Miss T talked to her Uncle for a little bit.  She said Hi alot and mostly giggled, but that is her way, and she tried to share her chicken noodle soup with him.  :)

I guess that is all for now, I dont what to start moaning and groaning about bad health, etc.  That would just be boring.  :)