Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When the gods wish to punish us....

They answer our prayers. Ok, so, I was unemployed for quite sometime after graduating from college last December. And I was not even getting to the interview (except for that one time when I absolutely bombed and slinked out of the room in shame, but that's another story.) And like any self-respecting desperate person, I found that prayer was a last resort. So, I prayed for a job, ANY job.

My mistake.

I was hired as a store associate in November. I now dread going to work. Not because of the work. Oh, no. And it's not even the people. I like the other associates, and even the managers are tolerable, even likeable.

No, my problem just HAD to be FOOT PAIN. Walking around on a concrete floor, even for a few hours a day, has absolutely killed my feet. I do believe that I may have suffered from stress fractures in my feet at the beginning of this month. I mean I was in tears.

I was even off for five days. (Not vacation, I just work part-time and the schedule is thin.) I got the flu for the ENTIRE stretch. So, of course I was on pain/fever reduction pills. And still, five days after working, my feet still hurt.

But I don't know what to do now. Like I said, I DREAD, with all my being, going into work. But there is a recession on, and in my town, unless you're a nurse or teacher, there are no jobs available. People are getting laid off right and left. In fact, my mother is a nurse who works for a private company and even they are being threatened with layoffs.

Ergo, the theme of this post is ... When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.

Ok, enough complaints.
It's New Year's Eve. A brand new beginning is at hand.

And you know what that means!!
Time to create those New Year's Resolutions that we are bound to fail to fufill!!

So, I've been thinking about what I wanted to resolve.

1. Clean up and out my bedroom. Donate stuff I never use.
2. Pay my bills off.
3. Find new job. (It would help if the economy would suddenly and drastically improve.)
4. Finally decide which direction in higher learning I want to pursue, and pursue it!
5. Lose weight. Walk 4 miles a week, at least. Eat healthier. Yeah, I know. Every year I make the resolution. But this year I am going to stick with it. (I've heard positive thinking helps!)
6. Feel less envious. (I am currently watching the doc on Envy on the History Channel. Fascinating.)
7. Spend more time with my pets. I sometimes take their affection and attention for granted.
8. Spend more time with my friends. I sometimes take their affection and attention for granted.
9. Be kinder to my family members. Stop taking my frustrations out on them. They rarely deserve it.
10. Finally, I resolve to accept my life as having value despite being unorthodox. Sometimes I look around at other people who have chosen more conventional lives, and I fear that because I am not where I want to be yet (and they are) that I have somehow failed. I haven't. I know that I haven't. After all, everyone is on a different life plan. Whoever said my life had to be like anybody else's life? Still, sometimes that dark shade lingers over my mind.
11. Find a way to marry what brings me joy and happiness with what I am required to do to live and pay my bills.
12. Expect the unexpected. Believe in the impossible.

Anyway, this post was not funny. I apologize. I'm tired, and I have to work tomorrow which just sucks the funny out of me.

My last resolution? -- I will be funny for you next time.

Goodnight, and I wish you all a happy and joyous New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It is almost Christmas!!! where has the time gone...

OMG!!!  I cannot believe it is almost Christmas again.  I have all my shopping done, but as usual, I do not have my boxes mailed out yet.  They are going to be late.  Go figure.  I have been so busy with the new job and training upon training upon training.  But I am finally where I want to be.  Now I just have to study and get my A+ certification.  I am working on it.  I have 6 months, and I have a feeling I am going to take all of those 6 months.  Between the baby and Christmas and training, it has been a little rough.  

Anyways, we hve a friend staying with us for Christmas, so we will have a nice big happy household for Christmas, which is one of the things I miss about being closer to family for the holidays.  But home, for now, is where the Air Force sends us.  I do miss my family, but I am also enjoying the new experiences out here.  I would love to bring all my friends out here to visit, and I now they will get around to it eventually.  and there is also us going back to the east coast to visit.  

Oh well, I guess I should get back to that is what I am getting paid for.  :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Man has learned to share...

That's the great news. He'll share his pacifer...his food...his tummy bug. Yeah, that's the bad news. Little Man got sick yesterday and today I think I'm coming down with what he had. Good seems to be only a 24 hour bug. Not sure where he got it from. Nobody in my family is sick or has been sick recently. He hardly slept last night...and when I wasn't sitting up with him I was laying in bed listening for him. So I didn't sleep at ALL last night. But he's sleeping right now (Thank GOD) and I'm praying with every fiber of my being that he sleeps all night. Mama needs sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I have a busy-busy day tomorrow.

Can you believe that it's December?? And that Little Man will be 11 months on the 7th? Where does the time go? Little Miss T is a year and Little Man is almost a year. And even J's twins are almost a year. And speaking of the twins, they are foing great. Seen them Saturday (which may be where Little Man got his bug from)...H is a little drama queen and M is a funny bunny. She'll give you a big toothless smile in a heartbeat. K was in a bad mood that so I really didn't get to play much with her. They had visitors so they were busy with them.

Anyhow...this didn't waste as much time as I thought it would. Once it reaches 10 I'm heading to bed. But alass it's only 9:30 and there's NOTHING on. Well...maybe...seems like another epi of According to Jim. That's okay I guess.

Okok...nuf of my ramblings.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Okay, took me a while, but I am here...

Okay, so it took me a while to catch up. Give me a break, I worked almost 60 hours last weeek. Over time kicks awesome patootie!!! Especially when the check comes in..

Anyways, I got my promotion at work(YAY!!! :D)and I have only been working there 2 1/2 months. Little Miss T got a virus at daycare, came home and shared with Daddee and Mommee, and Daddee sat down and explained Pestilence to her. I somehow don't think she exactly grasped it. But I am sure time will tell.

And Little Miss T has taken off running! I think she completely skipped the walking phase. And now she has shown a definate interest in computers...although she is still trying to figure the subtlies of the mouse out....and the whole "doesn't work so well at a distance" thing, but other than that....she well, yeah, no she ain't gotta clue yet, besides if she sits in Mommee's lap, sometimes Baby Einstein comes on. (Thank you built in dvd players).

Miss T's Gramma has been missing her. Every time I talk to my Mother, she says that if I bring the baby, she will that's gonna happen anytime soon. Mayhap if my mother moves out here......hmmmm might start working on that idea, it would be nice to have my mother around....Tempest really needs to spend more time with her Gramma.

I wish I could go back to SC for Yule, but that isn't a possibility. I can't take the time off of work and Daddee doesn't have leave either. But soon, we will go back for a visit. And who knows, maybe next Yule, I can convince two of my best friends that they really DO want to see a Montana Christmas....hint, hint....see Ashley isn't the ONLY one who knows how to drop hints......

Finally got the Army to deliver our stuff from NC. Now I just have all these boxes laying around. But soon, we will have everything unpacked...right before it is time for us to move again.

Oh well, I want to empty one more box before bedtime, and the dishwassher, and the washer machine, and start new loads in each......OMG what have I gotten myself into????

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We all live in a Pink Submarine...Pink Submarine...

Ok, I've had several topics in mind for possible posts this past week, but I have the movie that I'm watching right now on my mind. So, guess what? That's right, you're gonna hear my opinion of it.

I just love the 1959 movie Operation Petticoat with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. I always have, ever since I was a kid. In fact, for many years, watching it was my personal New Year's Eve celebration (since they showed it several years in a row on tv.) However, it's been a few years since I last saw it. And, as can happen if your not attentive, I've gotten older. And wiser. And just a tad more experienced in life.

Usually, if I catch a movie I haven't seen in a few years, I'll remember why I enjoyed it, but my taste and experience will have exceeded the movie.

Operation Petticoat, however, is still tops. So many humorisms that are still fresh today. And some that I never caught before, because, being young, I went for the more obvious jokes.

One that I had always let slip until today:

Scene: Sick bay on WWII sub. Soldiers gussied up, standing in line, and pretending to be ill to spend time with nurses. Captain (Cary Grant) goes in to send everyone back to work.

(paraphrased, 'cause I'm not rewinding it)
Captain to sailor: What are you wearing?!
Sailor: It's called 'Surrender', sir.
Captain stares hard.
Sailor: My mother sent it to me, sir!

I don't know. It just tickles me pink (the same color as the submarine!) to think of a mother of a WWII sailor sending him 'Surrender' cologne! I have to wonder...who was supposed to surrender? the enemy? or the sailor?

Ok, here's something I didn't know: Around the time of the filming of Operation Petticoat, Cary Grant was experimenting with LSD. Under the supervision of a physician. Okay. Hm. Is that doc still around? I'm not certain how I feel about this. I guess this is what happens when you watch and write at the same time. Oh, well. As long as it was prescribed....

I love how TMC gives you info about the movie and actors after ya watch it. I learn a lot. Don't you?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Maya's week in review

I know that you have all been waiting on pins and needles to find out about what I have been up too this week.

Little Man has FINALLY cut his 7th tooth. A premolar. It came through last night. And he's working on the same tooth on the other side. The first 3 days on this week, he was in a sleepy kinda mood. I think he hit a growth sprut. But yesterday he was alot more active. He loved walking through the dried leaves outside. And he really loved seeing his Aunt Ashley. He gave he lots of love and hugs.

We also got belated Halloween cards for Aunt Skyelin and Miss T. Thanks ladies (if they ever decided to stop by and blog).

My Avon buisness is going okay. I got my first order's box yesterday. It was like Christmas going through the boxes.

Umm...what else? Well, my husband didn't buy me a sasuage biscut. LOL. Never would take too long to explain it. Just know that I'm

I'm hungry. I need to go to the bathroom. So I guess I'll go...well, not here but there.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Maya's First Post

So, I'm guessin' that since I can post...that means that, well, I can post. Ashley may not know what she's gettin' into. Anyhow, guess what? I placed my first Avon order today! I'm so excited. Deciding to sell Avon was a huge decision for really was. I've been at home for som long...first working on my writing and then raisin' up Little Man, that I've almost (almost) forgotten how to get out there and talk to adults. It's been kinda refreshin'. Even though this is only my first campainge I'm so excited! I really think i can make some money at this. That is, if my friends (cough-cough) would order some things. Thanks Ashley for your order!

But on to other things, have you ever noticed that no matter how much you clean, houses never get clean? Or is it just me? Brings to mind a quote, "Cleaning your house while your children are small, is like shovling snow while it's still coming down." Either you understand that or you don't. I know that cleaning is low on the list these days, but with holidays coming up soon I would like to be able to invite people over and at least have a place for them to sit.

And speaking of the holidays, can you believe that it's only 52 days until Christmas!?! Did I just say 52 days? (looks back and read)...yup, 52 days! Or in other words...1 paycheck (hubby gets paid once a month). Lucky for us, we have a lot of our gifts might not be a lot, but it's something. It would be easier if Skyelin was coming home for Christmas (hint-hint). Wouldn't it be great to have Miss T and Little Man opening gifts together?

And speaking of Little Man...9 weeks until his first birthday! WOW! That's amazing. 1 whole year. Anybody have any ideas as to where to have a huge party? And I do mean huge!!

This always happen on rainy days...I get on rambles...when I should be cleaning..since Little Man is napping. (looks at time)...Darn it....It's getting close to lunch time. Ummm...what's for lunch? Good question.

Anyhow, thanks Ashley for making this blog.'re next. No excuses.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Testing 123

Ok, this is my first foray into blogging. So, please, blog with me... I mean, bear with me. (Well, clothing is optional!) I'm Ashley. Nice ta meetcha.

Just to set the bar low, this is going to be a nice, boring blog entry. What can I say? It's late. I'm tired. And for tomorrow, I've got to somehow find the where-with-all to go and stand in line for hours to vote absentee. Personally, I'd prefer to vote Tuesday at my regular polling place down the street rather than the courthouse, which is downtown. But the lines on the news for absentee voters are just alarming. I'm worried that the lines really will be six hours long on Tuesday like my parents keep predicting.

I like McCain. I saw him speak at our local VFW. But, is it just me? Or am I the only one who thinks that Palin looks like that mom at the PTA meeting that you try to avoid? You know, the one with the habit of dumping her committee responsibilities on others and has the rude, spoiled kids? (Not that I'm commenting on her actual kids. Personally, I think too much has been made about her pregnant daughter.) Tangent: I may be Republican, but I'm thinkin' there might have been some pressure put on her daughter to get married. If it were my daughter, I'd be doing backflips to prevent her getting married at such a young age. I just think that very few teenagers are capable of keeping together a marriage formed at such a young age. Notable exception is my dearest friend Wolfy and her husband of a decade, Camaro. However, since I don't have kids, this really isn't a problem for me. (Code names have been used to protect the guilty. Besides, I know Camaro will flip over his code name!)

Speaking of kids....Yeah, I know I said tangent, but...forget it, I'm moving on. (Late night tv will do this to me.) Kids. If you come back, you might see that I'm talking a lot about my friends' kids. Something in the water here caused a rash of unexplained pregnancies a little over a year ago. Aliens were suggested. Elvis was sought. Someone tried to photograph the Lizard Man. But alas, the only proof of anything strange were the sudden appearances of UFOs...Unbelievably Fragile Objects. So, three of my friends and a whole slew of their friends had youngins. And since I'm single and childless, I must live vicariously.

And, just so I can get a ticket into a giveaway, I'm going to mention a great little shop, Always Amy, I found through the Bloggy Giveaways. It has just the cutest (and some of the oddest) jewelry. I love the Naughty Nut Nibbler Squirrel stud earrings, the Chase Away the Rain earrings, and the Whimsical Little Owl pin. If you like a little funk added to your fab, then check out this store!

Ok, I'm going to try and include a photo and goes. *Ashley closes her eyes....and presses the button*

Squirrel earrings.

Chase Away the Rain earrings

Always Amy Shop

And if this doesn't work, I shall simply say what I suspect the President of the United States would say if the button on the football didn't work.
"Well, that didn't work. Did anyone check the batteries?"

Goodnight, and good luck.