Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When the gods wish to punish us....

They answer our prayers. Ok, so, I was unemployed for quite sometime after graduating from college last December. And I was not even getting to the interview (except for that one time when I absolutely bombed and slinked out of the room in shame, but that's another story.) And like any self-respecting desperate person, I found that prayer was a last resort. So, I prayed for a job, ANY job.

My mistake.

I was hired as a store associate in November. I now dread going to work. Not because of the work. Oh, no. And it's not even the people. I like the other associates, and even the managers are tolerable, even likeable.

No, my problem just HAD to be FOOT PAIN. Walking around on a concrete floor, even for a few hours a day, has absolutely killed my feet. I do believe that I may have suffered from stress fractures in my feet at the beginning of this month. I mean I was in tears.

I was even off for five days. (Not vacation, I just work part-time and the schedule is thin.) I got the flu for the ENTIRE stretch. So, of course I was on pain/fever reduction pills. And still, five days after working, my feet still hurt.

But I don't know what to do now. Like I said, I DREAD, with all my being, going into work. But there is a recession on, and in my town, unless you're a nurse or teacher, there are no jobs available. People are getting laid off right and left. In fact, my mother is a nurse who works for a private company and even they are being threatened with layoffs.

Ergo, the theme of this post is ... When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.

Ok, enough complaints.
It's New Year's Eve. A brand new beginning is at hand.

And you know what that means!!
Time to create those New Year's Resolutions that we are bound to fail to fufill!!

So, I've been thinking about what I wanted to resolve.

1. Clean up and out my bedroom. Donate stuff I never use.
2. Pay my bills off.
3. Find new job. (It would help if the economy would suddenly and drastically improve.)
4. Finally decide which direction in higher learning I want to pursue, and pursue it!
5. Lose weight. Walk 4 miles a week, at least. Eat healthier. Yeah, I know. Every year I make the resolution. But this year I am going to stick with it. (I've heard positive thinking helps!)
6. Feel less envious. (I am currently watching the doc on Envy on the History Channel. Fascinating.)
7. Spend more time with my pets. I sometimes take their affection and attention for granted.
8. Spend more time with my friends. I sometimes take their affection and attention for granted.
9. Be kinder to my family members. Stop taking my frustrations out on them. They rarely deserve it.
10. Finally, I resolve to accept my life as having value despite being unorthodox. Sometimes I look around at other people who have chosen more conventional lives, and I fear that because I am not where I want to be yet (and they are) that I have somehow failed. I haven't. I know that I haven't. After all, everyone is on a different life plan. Whoever said my life had to be like anybody else's life? Still, sometimes that dark shade lingers over my mind.
11. Find a way to marry what brings me joy and happiness with what I am required to do to live and pay my bills.
12. Expect the unexpected. Believe in the impossible.

Anyway, this post was not funny. I apologize. I'm tired, and I have to work tomorrow which just sucks the funny out of me.

My last resolution? -- I will be funny for you next time.

Goodnight, and I wish you all a happy and joyous New Year!!!

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