Friday, November 7, 2008

Maya's week in review

I know that you have all been waiting on pins and needles to find out about what I have been up too this week.

Little Man has FINALLY cut his 7th tooth. A premolar. It came through last night. And he's working on the same tooth on the other side. The first 3 days on this week, he was in a sleepy kinda mood. I think he hit a growth sprut. But yesterday he was alot more active. He loved walking through the dried leaves outside. And he really loved seeing his Aunt Ashley. He gave he lots of love and hugs.

We also got belated Halloween cards for Aunt Skyelin and Miss T. Thanks ladies (if they ever decided to stop by and blog).

My Avon buisness is going okay. I got my first order's box yesterday. It was like Christmas going through the boxes.

Umm...what else? Well, my husband didn't buy me a sasuage biscut. LOL. Never would take too long to explain it. Just know that I'm

I'm hungry. I need to go to the bathroom. So I guess I'll go...well, not here but there.


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