Saturday, March 21, 2009

You're kiddin''s almost April

I looked at the calendar today and do you know what I noticed?? It's March 21st! Where has the time gone? Didn't we just celebrate New Years? Anyhow, as it IS March 21st, and I haven't posted in, like, forevah...I decided to give ya'll a little update. *cough-cough*

Well, Little Man is growing like a weed! He just cut through teeth # 13 & 14 and he's working on the next 2. He's just a teething monster! He's starting to eat like a monster too, which means a growth spurt. He's finally wearing some 18 months in pants...but more for the reason that 12 months are getting too tight. 18 months still ride really low on his hips. And because of his shoulders, he can wear an 18 month shirt, 24 months/2T shirts, as well as some 3T- depending on the cut. Oh, and can you believe that his tennis shoes are a 6! He can get away with a 5 1/2 in sandles. He loves his blocks and trucks and playing make-believe. He can play in his room by himself for 15 to 20 minutes! I'm so happy...because that gives me a little break to unload the dish washer or sort through bills or just have a glass of water.

With Easter almost here, we have been preparing his basket. He's getting a kite, for sure. He's got this obsession (sp) with birds (also his new word) he should really like watching a kite. At least, that's the plans.

Money is getting tight. DH's work is goin' on rolling layoffs and shutting down the plant one week in March and one week in April. We don't know about May and June yet. But the whole corparation shuts down for 2 weeks in July. A great time for a vacation...oh wait...that's right...we don't have enough money. *grumble*

As for me, I'm still lovin' being a SAHM. Never a dull day, that's for sure. We are also in the middle of Spring Cleaning. Oh, happy....not! But it needs to be done. We are planning a yard sale for later in April. My last one (which was planned in 2 days) made me $80.00 - not bad for a half days "work".

Little Man has his first photo/model session in April as well. That should be really fun. I can't wait to see how he acts. Or to see the photos. It's up to me as to what to dress him in, so I guess it depends on if it's 65 or 85 out there.

I'm moving up in the DAR...along with my chairmanships, I was offered an Office this up coming term...but I'll talk more about that if I get April ;-)

SIL is excited about counting down to her wedding...when? In April...and other SIL is excited about counting down to her due date...lets say it together now... "In April". Yeah, April is gonna be busy-busy!

That's about it for now. Hope to read some more updates soon.

signed ~~ Me

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Ashley said...

Oh, mi gd. You did not just say you like to drink a glass of water! If I were constantly around Maya's Magic Tea, I would not be drinking WATER!!!