Saturday, May 2, 2009

Because Bad People Should Be Eaten...

I kinda, sorta, almost watched one of the Jurassic Park movies last night and the title of this post was what I wrote down. Yes, it was late at night. But I stand by my theory that bad people should be eaten. Just think, if we cut up bad people and fed them to the poor, there would be no more hunger! The starving people would have a belly full of bad. There would also be less competition for existing resources since I'm guessing over half the population would be gone. And there would be a lot less suffering in the world.

I think we could do it.

Sauteed Son-of-a-B!$#*.
Braised B@#!@^(.
Mashed M-Fer.
Sliced S#!*-for-brains.
Canaped C*%^-sucker.

Wow, I just realized how limited my vocabulary has become regarding, well, cursing.

But, ya know, I'm really not in a bad mood right now. For a change. No matter how this post might read so far.

In fact, I'm doin' good, despite NO AIR CONDITIONING! And the fact that I won't have air conditioning for my ENTIRE VACATION. Which I was hoping would be a time when I could do some major cleaning. But I don't like to sweat that much. Oh, well.

On a brighter note. You'll be happy to know that I have been Rick Rolled twice this week. I had never even heard about Rick Rolling, despite the fact that it's been around for several years. I had to look it up on the geat and wonderful Wiki.

I found a clip on youtube explaining it as well. (It's mislabeled, so ignore the muppets blooper tag. This is how I found the clip in the first place.)

So, now you know.

Also, I think I might have stumbled on a hobby that I might enjoy. It's called letterboxing. I would like to try it. First, though, I have to purchase a few supplies.

I think it would get me out of the house and give me the opportunity to explore SC more. It would give me an excuse to drive over to another town besides window shopping, which, to me, is no excuse at all.

I have a final next week for the Med. Terminology class I am taking. I decided, however, that I would wait to take another class until Fall. Due to financial considerations...and my distaste for long summer classes. Of course, my distaste for all classes leads me to want to drop the whole issue...But, alas, alack.

I actually had a test at the beginning of this week. I had 24 hours to read and study the material. I was sure I was going to fail the exam, or at least get a low grade. I got an A. Go figure.

Btw, M and I need to get together and do something. Like pick-up lunch and take C to Swan Lake and take pictures or something....

Yeah, then I could post the pics on my blog - spice it up a bit. That'd be nice. Ta-Ta.

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LittleMan's Mama said...

Letterboxing? Ummmm....okay, to each their own I guess. Way to go on gettin' an A.