Monday, November 3, 2008

Maya's First Post

So, I'm guessin' that since I can post...that means that, well, I can post. Ashley may not know what she's gettin' into. Anyhow, guess what? I placed my first Avon order today! I'm so excited. Deciding to sell Avon was a huge decision for really was. I've been at home for som long...first working on my writing and then raisin' up Little Man, that I've almost (almost) forgotten how to get out there and talk to adults. It's been kinda refreshin'. Even though this is only my first campainge I'm so excited! I really think i can make some money at this. That is, if my friends (cough-cough) would order some things. Thanks Ashley for your order!

But on to other things, have you ever noticed that no matter how much you clean, houses never get clean? Or is it just me? Brings to mind a quote, "Cleaning your house while your children are small, is like shovling snow while it's still coming down." Either you understand that or you don't. I know that cleaning is low on the list these days, but with holidays coming up soon I would like to be able to invite people over and at least have a place for them to sit.

And speaking of the holidays, can you believe that it's only 52 days until Christmas!?! Did I just say 52 days? (looks back and read)...yup, 52 days! Or in other words...1 paycheck (hubby gets paid once a month). Lucky for us, we have a lot of our gifts might not be a lot, but it's something. It would be easier if Skyelin was coming home for Christmas (hint-hint). Wouldn't it be great to have Miss T and Little Man opening gifts together?

And speaking of Little Man...9 weeks until his first birthday! WOW! That's amazing. 1 whole year. Anybody have any ideas as to where to have a huge party? And I do mean huge!!

This always happen on rainy days...I get on rambles...when I should be cleaning..since Little Man is napping. (looks at time)...Darn it....It's getting close to lunch time. Ummm...what's for lunch? Good question.

Anyhow, thanks Ashley for making this blog.'re next. No excuses.

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Ashley said...

You are quite welcome about the order. And you are quite right about a house never getting clean. By the time you think your gonna be finishing soon, it's time for somethin' to be cleaned AGAIN!! Argghhh!!!!!!!!!

And you're right, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.