Sunday, November 23, 2008

Okay, took me a while, but I am here...

Okay, so it took me a while to catch up. Give me a break, I worked almost 60 hours last weeek. Over time kicks awesome patootie!!! Especially when the check comes in..

Anyways, I got my promotion at work(YAY!!! :D)and I have only been working there 2 1/2 months. Little Miss T got a virus at daycare, came home and shared with Daddee and Mommee, and Daddee sat down and explained Pestilence to her. I somehow don't think she exactly grasped it. But I am sure time will tell.

And Little Miss T has taken off running! I think she completely skipped the walking phase. And now she has shown a definate interest in computers...although she is still trying to figure the subtlies of the mouse out....and the whole "doesn't work so well at a distance" thing, but other than that....she well, yeah, no she ain't gotta clue yet, besides if she sits in Mommee's lap, sometimes Baby Einstein comes on. (Thank you built in dvd players).

Miss T's Gramma has been missing her. Every time I talk to my Mother, she says that if I bring the baby, she will that's gonna happen anytime soon. Mayhap if my mother moves out here......hmmmm might start working on that idea, it would be nice to have my mother around....Tempest really needs to spend more time with her Gramma.

I wish I could go back to SC for Yule, but that isn't a possibility. I can't take the time off of work and Daddee doesn't have leave either. But soon, we will go back for a visit. And who knows, maybe next Yule, I can convince two of my best friends that they really DO want to see a Montana Christmas....hint, hint....see Ashley isn't the ONLY one who knows how to drop hints......

Finally got the Army to deliver our stuff from NC. Now I just have all these boxes laying around. But soon, we will have everything unpacked...right before it is time for us to move again.

Oh well, I want to empty one more box before bedtime, and the dishwassher, and the washer machine, and start new loads in each......OMG what have I gotten myself into????

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Maya said...

Bout time you showed up! No excuses...ya hear! Congrats again about the promotion!