Sunday, November 2, 2008

Testing 123

Ok, this is my first foray into blogging. So, please, blog with me... I mean, bear with me. (Well, clothing is optional!) I'm Ashley. Nice ta meetcha.

Just to set the bar low, this is going to be a nice, boring blog entry. What can I say? It's late. I'm tired. And for tomorrow, I've got to somehow find the where-with-all to go and stand in line for hours to vote absentee. Personally, I'd prefer to vote Tuesday at my regular polling place down the street rather than the courthouse, which is downtown. But the lines on the news for absentee voters are just alarming. I'm worried that the lines really will be six hours long on Tuesday like my parents keep predicting.

I like McCain. I saw him speak at our local VFW. But, is it just me? Or am I the only one who thinks that Palin looks like that mom at the PTA meeting that you try to avoid? You know, the one with the habit of dumping her committee responsibilities on others and has the rude, spoiled kids? (Not that I'm commenting on her actual kids. Personally, I think too much has been made about her pregnant daughter.) Tangent: I may be Republican, but I'm thinkin' there might have been some pressure put on her daughter to get married. If it were my daughter, I'd be doing backflips to prevent her getting married at such a young age. I just think that very few teenagers are capable of keeping together a marriage formed at such a young age. Notable exception is my dearest friend Wolfy and her husband of a decade, Camaro. However, since I don't have kids, this really isn't a problem for me. (Code names have been used to protect the guilty. Besides, I know Camaro will flip over his code name!)

Speaking of kids....Yeah, I know I said tangent, but...forget it, I'm moving on. (Late night tv will do this to me.) Kids. If you come back, you might see that I'm talking a lot about my friends' kids. Something in the water here caused a rash of unexplained pregnancies a little over a year ago. Aliens were suggested. Elvis was sought. Someone tried to photograph the Lizard Man. But alas, the only proof of anything strange were the sudden appearances of UFOs...Unbelievably Fragile Objects. So, three of my friends and a whole slew of their friends had youngins. And since I'm single and childless, I must live vicariously.

And, just so I can get a ticket into a giveaway, I'm going to mention a great little shop, Always Amy, I found through the Bloggy Giveaways. It has just the cutest (and some of the oddest) jewelry. I love the Naughty Nut Nibbler Squirrel stud earrings, the Chase Away the Rain earrings, and the Whimsical Little Owl pin. If you like a little funk added to your fab, then check out this store!

Ok, I'm going to try and include a photo and goes. *Ashley closes her eyes....and presses the button*

Squirrel earrings.

Chase Away the Rain earrings

Always Amy Shop

And if this doesn't work, I shall simply say what I suspect the President of the United States would say if the button on the football didn't work.
"Well, that didn't work. Did anyone check the batteries?"

Goodnight, and good luck.


Maya said...

That interesting. No, really...I love reading what you're so much funnier on paper ;-) *snicker*

Skyelin said...

Talk about your random tangent fields.....