Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Man has learned to share...

That's the great news. He'll share his pacifer...his food...his tummy bug. Yeah, that's the bad news. Little Man got sick yesterday and today I think I'm coming down with what he had. Good news...it seems to be only a 24 hour bug. Not sure where he got it from. Nobody in my family is sick or has been sick recently. He hardly slept last night...and when I wasn't sitting up with him I was laying in bed listening for him. So I didn't sleep at ALL last night. But he's sleeping right now (Thank GOD) and I'm praying with every fiber of my being that he sleeps all night. Mama needs sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I have a busy-busy day tomorrow.

Can you believe that it's December?? And that Little Man will be 11 months on the 7th? Where does the time go? Little Miss T is a year and Little Man is almost a year. And even J's twins are almost a year. And speaking of the twins, they are foing great. Seen them Saturday (which may be where Little Man got his bug from)...H is a little drama queen and M is a funny bunny. She'll give you a big toothless smile in a heartbeat. K was in a bad mood that so I really didn't get to play much with her. They had visitors so they were busy with them.

Anyhow...this didn't waste as much time as I thought it would. Once it reaches 10 I'm heading to bed. But alass it's only 9:30 and there's NOTHING on. Well...maybe...seems like another epi of According to Jim. That's okay I guess.

Okok...nuf of my ramblings.

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Skyelin said...

Did Mech have the same talk with Little Man about pestilence that Daddee had with Little Miss T?